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There was one other Asslnibolne who was
raging in his teepee to get at the Blackfeet His
name was E-ah-chee~cha—Queer Talker—and he
refused to come out of his teepee to greet us. He
lay there In his teepee in a reclining position,
uttering muffled threats to any of us youngsters
who should go too near him. It was E-ah-chee-
cha who had chased the wounded Blackfeet In
their battle with his tribe, and killed them one by
one along the trail—and he still had nothing but
the bitterest hatred for us. Chief Path-Maker, a
fine young Assinibolne minor chief who still rules
his tribe, volunteered to take charge of these two
Assiniboines and prevent them from carrying out
any of their hatred against the Blackfeet; for the
rest of the Assiniboines were very friendly toward

We children were very happy in the big, massed
encampment of the three illustrious tribes of Assi-
niboine, Blackfeet and Gros Ventres. The tee-
pees of the huge camp were all thrown In a large
circle more than a half-mile around. These tee-
pees were painted in all colours of the rainbow,
each painted different and bearing the 'medicine'
crests of the family that occupied it.

The sun of early spring shone brightly on our
big, happy camp as we ran back and forth between
the teepees and the river, playing games and get-
ting acquainted. We could not talk with one